Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breaking Hiatus for once- Sharing something my mother wrote.

It so happens when you come to know that you are just a person with words. There are people who have both- words, thoughts, beliefs, aspirations, experiences, anecdotes but not the time, not the place, not the media to mouth ( or write, simply) their opinions. 

Well, one of them is my mother. And I feel great that now I have come to know where do I get my writing abilities. 

Just another note, in the spur of the moment, my mother wrote on Facebook. And though it pours simplicity in your mind, deep down if you see, they are resonant words trying to say something very important.

Read on. 

How indifferent of a neighbour am I?

Flat system house was not liked by people at first . This was because  they thought neither the floor nor the roof belonged to the owner.Moreover it seemed to them as match box,'payrar khop'in bengali.

Then came gated community system, followed by the block system. Thus the flats got divided into several blocks......with this system the "next door neighbour",neighbourhood system got totally extinct.A block does'nt know what is happening to C block people,untill and unless it is on the Notice board.

You must be wondering what am I upto.....
hmmmm. Well-

I reside in a so called flat ( it looks like a tenement to me) which is a modified edition of 50 years old three storey building in the most happening area ,culture,music and art wise,of Chennai.People say its one of the posh areas of Chennai,though I dont see anything extraordinary about it......yah...superstar Kamal Hasan,selvi Jaylalitha,Mr.Karunanidhi....all reside least 90 temples are there making it suitable for kollywood to frequent here for cinema shootings.....
Why I dont see any "extra ordinariness" for the garbage  which is  piled here and there,roads are not good,no proper drainage system......I am ashamed sometime, thinking that Harrappa and Mahenjadaro belonged to us....remember ?..the first drainage system?...
Till now I have not cleared my point.....
Whatever it is I have always tried to be a good least  I  have smiled and enquired about health.

But an incident proved me as a bad neighbour.

The Governor of Tamilnadu Mr.Rosiah,came to my building,stayed here for three hours ,had his grand daughter is getting married to my house owner's son.....( wonder he saw that garbage pile. Oh wait, his windows are tinted black, keeping his eyes away from the reality. Hmm..!)

Anyways, this was something which I should have come to know when it happened. Well, but-
I came to know about it after two days....hahaha....
Ok,it was a good news.....but if it had been something bad then?

I was very sorry to see me in this self centered position, a position which I have acquired for the changes happening around us, not an innate position.

....have I become so indifferent that I dont care for anything other than my family?

If so Its high time I mend my ways ......

'I want you to be concerned about your next door neighbor. Do you know your next door neighbor?' Mother Teresa.
A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighbour's.

I wanted to share it, so I did.....may be thoughts and ideas are scattered,not related to each other......well~.come on I am no Shakespeare......

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