Monday, December 31, 2012

"Imperfectly Perfect"-My entry for the Get Published contest


The story is being narrated by two parents, to their child who has just entered puberty. Why suddenly his parents are narrating their love story to him?
Reason-When he comes back home late one day,he tells them he ran into a fight with a girl and got detained in school for 4 hours extra. The girl had sent him this small chit saying "I really like you, will you be my partner in the singing duo competition?" .Then the boy had sent the card around the whole class and made everyone sign it, with bad and funny remarks in it, which is returned back to the girl. The girl confronted the boy, and the boy made fun of her publicly. What was wrong with the girl? "She is fugly. Has a ponch, wears glasses and her skirt is longer than a gown! How can she EVEN IMAGINE to pair up with me? And she likes me? Wow, I should be rotting in hell by now." Looking at this narrow view about girls and their physicality, the parents decide to tell their love story- where not perfection, but imperfection plays the most important part.


The most "real" part of the story is its base, the core of it- Physical imperfection. Most love stories are about the perfect girl- brunette/blond/black hair, beautiful face, ideal 36 24 36, who do not have any bodily imperfections, and they fall in love with or are loved by men who are perfect themselves, either they look immensely good, or can sing, dance, or they are rich or, very rarely-they study well. No imperfection. Why? There is no room for it, because fiction reaches its zenith and there is no touch with ground reality. What about those obese kids, who have dreams, who have the same fantasies, same thoughts, same adolescent feelings? What about those people, who suffer from some physical problem, and because society does not award imperfection, they have to put a mask for perfection? Thus the story touches this most neglected part of life.


"So you made fun of her just because, she is double of what you are, Manav?"

"Yes! I would look so weird with her on stage! People would make fun of me Papa! I mean come on, I wonder if the stage would survive if she stands on it."

"Well, if THAT is your idea of judging people, it is time."- Ma said.

"Time for what? A lecture?"

"No. A story."- Dad said.

"What? Am I 6? You would placate my mood with a story now?"

"No. We would like you to change, with a story, NOW."- Dad said sternly.

"Today is the perfect day, for you to know, how WE met."

"Seriously Mom? Are you going to fill in with cheesy crap and melt my heart? Well, if it is so, you're sadly mistaken."

"No. I want you to hear the story of those two people, who birthed you, and whose physical genes you have inherited. The inheritance which has given you the looks you take so much pride in.  The reason behind your breath, the reason of your existence. And this story, is not your 150 paged, yet-another-love-story  you read now and then. Because if you think so, YOU are the one who is sadly mistaken."

"Sure. Enlighten me."

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal andHarperCollins India.

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yash rawkie said...

Awwww .. Sahii likha h yaar.. I agree :)

Sandy said...

Fantastic prologue !!! Stirred my soul !!