Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rape- a common phenomena.

She was walking on the road.

Thinking of the brother she had at her home. How caring he was, how many times he said - "be careful, call me when you want help. I will be there.
How he always assured her, that he would be there when she needs him.
She was thinking of how he had always helped her in school, college.
She felt so lucky, she had a person to back up whenever she was in a fix.

But her brother was not thinking of  her.
 He was busy, doing things which he didn't want his sister to suffer.

He was raping, raping a girl who was somebody else's sister.
And his sister, was busy worshiping him in her mind.


After every rape case, our country is full of chaos, full of hullabaloo  full of rigor.
 We say, that the girl was somebody's sister.
But, even the guy was somebody's brother!
What was he thinking, when he was doing that to the girl?
What did he want?
What would HIS mother think, after listening to news about  her son raping somebody else's daughter?

Where is all the love for the opposite sex, the whole world talks about?

What kind of punishment can get the girl's honor back?

Death sentence?
Life term punishment?


But then, didn't the guy think what will be the consequences of his acts? Of course, it was done in a BUS. Did not they know, that this would become a news item?

How come the urge of sexual needs overpowers a man?

What kind of pleasure does a man derive after hurting a woman?

How come, such a simple biological act, can become an act of moral callousness?


Some of my friends, ( hope they do not mean it) use the word "raped" when they want to say they did well in an exam.

Even if it is a joke. Friends, it ain't funny.

I had used the word raped, voyeur, video in one post of mine in which I had discussed cyber crime.

I  saw my blog traffic once. I can see what people type and come to my blog, so as to understand what kind of things are in demand.

There have been numerous times, people have accidentally seen my blog in their search list, just because of the WORDS rape and voyeur, which I had written in my posts.

But their search items were this ( I am directly copying it from my traffic feed)-


These things are in demand??

It feels sad, very sad, that people like to watch such videos also.

I am done. I cant really bear to write anymore.


Manish Nasa said...

Its sad. I think law and order will always have its limitations. I agree with you, we need to culture the minds. I did a little bit of research on the topic and found some facts that support what we are saying -, please do take a read...

yash rawkie said...

True .. You are right that how come the urge of sexual needs overpowers the man.. I think this is tha major root cause :/