Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weird yet Amazing Psychology.

Freud- You put amazing after weird because your ego alerted you that you should not disrespect a subject you study.  

Well, it is a very cool date to break hiatus. 12/12/12. I cant seriously be serious about not being serious about writing a post, just because I am having revision exam(s) for an exam which, well, according to past accounts and present hubbub, is going to decide my, LIFE.

But still, Whatever. I am down with food poisoning and the best thing to do is to blog rather than think of those crazy bacteria, going, well, crazy in my stomach. ( Hope it is bacteria, my biology is on the weaker side.)

Revision exams, really squeeze the shit out of the students, no matter how "complacent" we act, saying "Abey ye to revision hai. Aage dikha denge."

But still, there is a teenie weenie bit of us thinking "Pass to hona padega boss. Or my 0 self confidence will become what, -100?"

Okay, I know you must have guessed I don't have a topic to talk about. Well, you are right. Of course, if every day of my life is spent of reading my text books, writing an fb status about it, then again reading the text book, and then again going to Facebook- I am bound to be fraught with a seriously empty mind.

Or maybe according to Freud, I am just rationalizing my indifference towards the blog.

Or maybe according to Eric Erikson, I am facing difficulty with my identity.- the devoted blogger or the devoted student.

Or maybe according to..woah! I should stop.

Yes, this is why I wrote about Freud in the tagline.
I wanted to talk about Psychology and its SERIOUS EFFECT ON ME, and my counterparts who are studying this DANGEROUS SCIENCE.

Well, not dangerous, but it makes you too introspective of your self and judgmental about others. It really is a knowledge one needs to use wisely. I saw this show on Crime Patrol, where an MSC in psychology, killed her boyfriend, because she "Read his face" and thought he is betraying her. Man, that is some serious case.

And I have often seen myself advising my mother, my dad, my elders, about "life". It makes you too "known" about self.

 It makes you know stuff you NEVER knew, and maybe, never wanted to.

Again, if I say I never wanted to, Freud will come in my dreams, and say "You say you never wanted to because you actually wanted to. You are just trying to put a persona of being this GOOD KID, which apparently, you are not."

Well thank you Freud, I never thought that when I was sucking my thumb when I was 4 ( I never did, I am just, you know, exaggerating, don't give me that suspicious look. I DIDN'T SUCK MY THUMB), I had SEXUAL NEEDS BEHIND IT!

Come on, I was 4. When kids are 4, they are just, KIDS.

And then comes the "Oedipus complex and Electra Complex." Wow, this tells me that girls fall in love with their dads, and hate their mums, and boys think their dad will castrate them, and they are in love with their mums."

IT might be true, but this is, WEIRD.

But the ethic of psychology tells me, I should not be ashamed of any theory put forth by a psychologist. I don't, but as a student of this weird yet SUPERB science, I have the right to discuss how funny it becomes sometimes.

And the most WEIRDEST PART- I have started interpreting my dreams!

And most of the time, they are right. Thanks to, Freud, again ( this guy has really made an impact on me isnt it? :P), I have this serious addiction to wake up, and think of what I dreamt, why I dreamt, and then end up making weird conclusions.

One day I dreamed of not doing good in an exam, when I am telling my mum, she tells something and I am weirdly smiling and the same day, I lose my money ( Rs 160) in the school, and when I tell my friend that, she runs and catches a bus.

Two days ago, I had economics. I did seriously a silly mistake, and the same day, this happened-

When I came out of the exam room, I thought something is not right. I have not done this exam well when I was confident about it, and I feel something shitty is going to take place. I started asking my friends random things, asked them for books so that I can pretend reading some answer while I think of this weird twisty feeling.
Then I accompanied my friend in an auto, who left it half way for catching a bus.

This thing freaked me out, and the next thing I did is search my bag.

I realised I had left my purse in the school.

I told the driver to turn again, and on the way my friend also accompanied me, knowing that I am really bad at searching things.

I went to the class, and found my purse intact.

It had exactly, Rs 160.

Well, this seriously sounds very filmy, but intuitions do happen. I am not being superstitious- it is just that I have become very suspicious about each and everything I do, and psychology makes me evaluate more.

Recently, Four days continously, I saw my Psychology teacher ( I know, this subject is a horror show) in my dreams.

And the next day, she gave me, the "LOOK."

I hope I haven't failed in Psychology. I would come to know about it on 15th.

Well, now that I have given you a serious dose of supernatural stuff that happened with me, I want to say one thing- No. Psychology is not weird. It is just how you deal with it. Do not use its knowledge to construct your life. It is maybe because I thought I would lose money that day, my subconscious never alerted me to check the desk for money. Or I would have. It is the way a reader learns the subject, and applies it practically.

So do not worry, reading about Bipolar disorders wont make you suffer the same :P. Though I had a weird thought that when you have shooting pain in your stomach ( a pain which comes, then goes, and then comes again), it makes you manic and depressive at the same time. When the pain goes, you are active again, smiling, talkative and you want to do everything you did not do while you were not well. But when the pain comes again, you become depressive, shout at people and throw tantrums.

Or it is just me, getting a little insane.

Yes, I know you agree with the latter.


Jay Singh said...

Hi Prerna,

Quite aptly put, the mind does play quite a lot of tricks. Psychology is having quite a lot of effect on you. Try listening to PSY to groove to Gangnam style. Dance is an art which removes quite a lot of doubts.



Srajal said...

Whoa..!! first of all well done... the freud stuff at the beginning was cool :p ur reactions to ur practice exams... i see a mix of both Freud (complacency)as well as the Zeigarnik effect(d teenie weenie bit....)- which normally is d case in our everyday lives!!!

Third.... mind does work in mysterious ways... so though u've found some "logical" explanation for forgetting ur purse... i haven't found any for many of my intuitions!!! n bdw any logic to explain the "160 rupees phenomenon"... or is it dat u always carry exactly 160 rupees???? :p

N fourth.... u r ryt... psychology does make u a bit more interospective of our own feelings n experiences... huh.. but is it wrong?? i'm in no position to comment on it!!!

Finally...well written prerna!!! thumbs up :-)