Friday, January 11, 2013

Adult life Aarambham.:P

Me and my friends a year ago were too excited that we would all be turning 18 next year. But now the "next year" has arrived and turning 18 or 81 doesnt matter anymore, because either one of us has an exam on our 18th birthday, or Board practicals, or college admission, or something which makes turning 18 look like, nothing.:P

But still!You turn 18 only once ( As if you turn 14 or 15 hundred times). But this is when we get the adrenaline rush to do everything and anything. Wait, that was adolescence right?

Ah, that is the whole freaking problem. We don't know whether we are kids, or adolescents, or adults! I mean, I know people who play Hello Kitty Beauty Parlour Management and they are 18, and those who like SOAP Bubbles as birthday gifts when they turn 18.

Well, coming back to the "excitement" of my friends. We, out of the "excitement" had made this WISH-LIST, of what we would do when we will turn 18.

Here is my list, my friend's and my friend's friend. :P I wont tell who wished what.

1. Pick a good looking stranger in a mall and randomly start talking to him about America. ( I DONT KNOW WHAT WE WERE THINKING. SERIOUSLY. )

2. Break windows of a celebrity house.

3. Go to Jail once.

4. Flirt with the policeman in the jail.

5. Take a bath in tub filled with cocktail.

6. Slap a passer-by.

7. Call a person and ask him what he was doing in my friend's apartment.

8. Colour hair in three different colours- magenta, yellow and green.

9. Go on a blind date.

10. Beat someone inside a sandbag.

11. Steal someone's credit card, shop, and then return it to them saying they left it on the floor.

12. Drive alone and shout the most disgraceful cuss word.

13. Watch an A rated movie ( this time legally).

14. Go to a strip tease show.

15. Use a rich person's bathroom.

16.  Spank someone's rear end in a crowded area.

17. Drink 10 tequila shots. 20 maybe?

18. Go to a stranger, cry and say "why did you?" And then run off.

19. Prank call someone and say "You betrayed me. Ass***e!

We then stopped at an odd number and were not able to think for a 20th point.

Just then my TV reminder came-


My friend wanted to watch Spongebob Squarepants.

And her friend wanted to watch Doraemon, just because he is "way much cooler."

But then I said Ninja Hattori is cute and he has actual powers.

The spongebob- supporter said that Spongebob is American, and works at a fast food restaurant, and is a sponge which talks and that ends the case.

We stopped right then and fought for a long time.

Then we realised we have got our 20th point.

20. Let us be kids, or try to be like them. We would be far better off.

And then we ate "Orange kuchhi' ( Orange ice-stick) and were on our way to watch Monster House Inc.

Who wants to grow up? Not me.


Abhilash Urmaliya said...

That's quite some list I must say!! But I guess we all have such a list, no matter our age :)

Sammy Chanda said...

Amazing read! How I wish I will come down to discuss all this in person with you. One of these days, I will call Geetha and ask to speak to you.We will gel along mighty well though we have a mile of age difference.....btw, I agree to all of the above points and more may be...GRIN! WINK!

keep writing!