Thursday, February 7, 2013

Liebster Again

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This award is meant to motivate and attract more attention to new blogs, by spreading the blog's name and encourage the amateur bloggers to write more and maybe, take it more seriously!
And I think these blogs need that fame!!

My Literary Indulgences- My senior's blog, he has just started but his posts need more views, because they deserve to be seen!

I was told to mention 11 blogs, but here comes the honesty- I dont actually read many blogs. 

If you are nominated-( I was ordered to do so, it is the DRILL, so you need to follow so to)
1. Thank the person who nominated you in your acceptance post and paste a link to their blog.( SOUNDS WANNABEISH, BUT GRATITUDE IS A GOOD THING)
2. Post a photo of Liebster Blog Award on your blog.
3. Nominate 5-7 blogs that have less than 200 followers and that, according to you, deserve a bigger and better audience

4.  We are told to ask questions and answer others. Well I am answering the questions asked to me, but I am not asking.

  1.  What would you do if there wouldn’t be any water on earth?  Ans- Die.
  2. What is one thing that makes you sick, but you still do it? Ans- sit on FB.
  3. What if your blog gets a ‘Simply Stupid!’ award? Ans- I would take it on my stride.
  4. What is the most amazing abuse anyone has ever given you? Ans- Intelligent.
  5. What is your idea of world after 100 years? Ans- That I would not be there to see how is it.
  6. What will happen if you become the President of your country for rest of your life? Ans- Be sad throughout my life.
  7. What was the most embarrassing situation you ever faced? Ans- There are many.
  8. What will  happen if one day God tells you that you are Devil on earth? Ans- I would say I already knew
  9.  Who was your first crush or infatuation? Ans- David Henrie.
  10. What will you say if one day Obama visits your home and tells you- “Kid! We need you. Now pull your pants up and pack your bags” ?. Ans- I would say, my pants were down you perv.
  11. If you were asked to slap one person, who would that be? Ans- Myself.
I am short of questions. Sorry for breaking the tradition. But I am being truthful.

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