Thursday, March 14, 2013

Friendship- An old article I wrote once. :D

This was written for a magazine I was interning for. :D

  "Dude why are you crying?"
  *Still cries*"
  "Everything is all right !! I am there to help you!!!"
  "Abey Sab teri wajah se tu hua hai!!!!!!!"
  “Aisa? Hahahhahaa”

Most of you, will either remember a Facebook Like page which is similar to this, or relate to an experience which must have happened to you at least once. Friends are one of the best gifts God has given us, and this egalitarian relationship is above relationships, sometimes love and family too.
When you have your first crush, and your knees go weak and drool is a reflex action when you see someone, or you fail in something very badly you can’t just knock your mom's door and say "That boy is so cute" or "I did this and failed ungraciously". She may not get angry, but then it will be very awkward for both of us. But then, it is so surprising, that a person. whom you came to know just 6 years ago, is the perfect person to share all the embarrassing stuff that you do in the teens, or even after that in adulthood and old age.

I am lucky, that for 12 years I was in Delhi Public School, one of the best schools one can ever study in (not boasting, even though my branch of DPS is the least known :/), and I am told that I had this huge problem of making friends. I had this quality of being badly arrogant, finicky, chose friends if they "matched with my check list" and in word- a big fat idiot. But then, the way my friends have amended me, have brought changes in me, now I have this huge group of friends, who love me, care for me and bear with my impatience, the only bad quality they have not been able to uproot.

There are no stereotypical friends, in my world. Everyone has a major share of every type of quality one can have. Some are very capable idiots, at the same time they inspire me for qualities like patience, sweet tongue and mellow voice, total opposite of what I am. Some are very dumb in understanding common things, but at the same time they are eager to learn and are great in adjusting. Some say they gain inspiration from me (which is totally surprising) when it comes to not holding grudges, and they say "we admire your art of keeping friends close, and enemies closer."

There are painters, writers, die hard philosophers and romantics, the one who help to “Set you up with that guy across the corridor” and also some people who can’t ever, EVER, get things right. And the best part of friendship is- warts and all, you love them a lot.

Friendship is not about looks, grades, family background or social background. It is about how open you are in front of them, how much you can share with them and how much TRUST you can CREATE for them, and expect from them. Friends are not literati-groups, hot guy- group or the elite class group. A boy from the Raj gharanas can befriend a guy from the slums too! Friendship has no definition; it is a vast entity which encompasses all the love a human innately has. 

What I have learnt in life is that there is no check list to make a friend, there are no "predetermined qualities" a friend should have. A friend is not to be chosen, but is the chosen one to keep you happy, and also expects the same from you. 

And if I keep writing, my friend (who is doing my pending work and project), will tear out of my computer screen and punch me right in the face, if she finds that I am online on Facebook with a bowl of soup typing in MS WORD, with tears in my eyes thinking of the good old days and drowning in nostalgia.

Spare me the horror. *Rushes to the phone with best possible apologies ready.*


Susan Deborah said...

Lovely tribute to friends and friendship. Friendships formed during the schooling years have a charm to them but sadly I have moved away from those friends. As time goes on, we sadly change and have to leave behind certain aspects of those years - friends being one of them.

Here's to your friends!

Joy always,

karthi said...

Friendship is not about looks, grades, family background or social background. - so true.

Came across your blog via CBC. Nice tribute to friends - no matter how far we drift away (physically or mentally) they are there with just one phone call.