Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dormancy and other shit.

I was forced to dormancy, thanks to technical problems my blog was facing. and yes, I was busy getting admitted in a college.
This is my first post after I got my results. no I wasn't languishing in darkness because of my marks. I did pretty well. Got a whopping 97.4%. And it led to huge changes in my life. like you give a shit but here is what has happened
1. I am officially a Stephanian. Yes I am one of the future rumored snobs you may know of. I don't know why a college is attacked instead of mindsets. We worked hard to get our asses up here, and people tend to hesitate to congratulate, fearing we have our head held too high as we are in the elite StephenDom. give me a break. Have you seen the hostels of St Stephens? If you see you will understand even stephanians go through hardships. and this is my view even before entering the college.

2. I have moved to New Delhi. People say this city is bad, beware of Delhi, it has narrow minded people. Err, yesterday in some district in Tamil Nadu someone got raped and it became a story under some tender notice of some random company. If the same rape happened in Delhi, candle sellers are in for a jackpot.
Just because it is the capital and it is near Haryana, the state of the khaps, doesn't mean it harbours all the bad things in the world. It is the capital and hence all the stories come out. Other cities are not the capital, hence they remain wrapped under shady covers of injustice.
Delhi is beautiful, green and a great city. If I face some bad incidents, I will never attribute it to the city.
safety is one thing, and not going to the city because it is unsafe is another. some friends of mine voluntarily chose not to come to Delhi university because of recent happenings. I am not a daredevil myself, but giving up on my dreams for something unprecedented, well- I am not commenting on anyone's life, but I am just saying, that is now how it should be.

3. I may change my blog and turn it into something more mature. But until then, this is where you can read my shit.

Until then. Ciao.

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Susan Deborah said...

First off, Accept my congratulations for the second time. Glad to know of your status as a Stephanian/Delhite. The already snobbish you will rise a few notches more now ;)
Please share details of your course, life in Delhi and other things.

Looking forward to reading posts fresh with the sands and historical whiff of the capital city.

Joy always,