Monday, August 12, 2013

New Post- New Shit.

Well, my affinity to the word shit and crap has still not reduced just because I have joined college. I havent changed fully yet. A person remains the same and their is a kid inside him no matter what happens. Well yes I just spoke like Freud. Well, people who don't know why I am using words like "still" and "yet" is because I previously blogged in the site -  known as P Subbu's Mind Crap.

As now I have entered college, I looked back at my posts which were written when I was 14, then 15 and then 16. Seriously, the blog matured and I could see the metamorphosis right in front of my eyes. I was like- WOAH, I was such a crappy person when I was 13. Then I was like Woah I was sooo crappy when I was 14. When I turned 15, and saw the posts I wrote at that age when I was 16- I was like - STILL CRAPPY.

So yeah after a lot of self depreciation- I thought that if there is no chance that I am going to improve, I should improve the level of crap I write.

You can still find posts of my old blog- only those posts which can match my level of intellect now- ( So yea it is idiot proof.)

More to come. Till then, Ciao.

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