Friday, August 16, 2013

Of College and Random serious stuff. Uh-huh. :P

CAUTION: Every paragraph pertains to different topics. So yea, be ready to twirl your head every 2 minutes.

Independence day started off very weirdly- I am used to waking up at 11:00 am on Independence Day as you get to give an excuse of  "being free and young" and "I can do whatever I want to". Ironically, Independence day is the day when the country was the most active in 1947. Well, we Indians have ways to get out of the whole ideological and methodical bullshit, don't we?

So I woke up at 5:45 am, for a play practice in my college. Not any other play, but a play written by me and my roommate( in 20 minutes), out of utter enthusiasm to find a ground for ourselves in this college. 

We were beaming the day before thanks to the response we got. "First year talent", "Already getting famous," "Young budding fachchas" etcetera. And doing it in St Stephens added to the glory altogether. 

People not belonging to DU must be wondering what is Fachcha. Well, it is a portmanteau of the two words "First year" and "bachchas" (kids) [that is what I know of]- aka Freshers. The funny part is, just because I and my roommate wrote and directed a play, most of us mistook us as "second or third years"- which is a compliment in itself, but yea, at the same time shows how low are expectations from the freshers sometimes. Well, now the thinking has changed and St Stephens is always known for its out of the league ideologies.

Anyways, until yesterday I thought we belong to 21st century. Yes we do. (aside: No we don't) I have already heard a lot from people harping about quota, caste and religion. Well, I understood I have just gone to college and not entered Utopia.

I might elaborate on this matter some time later, because if you have been my regular reader you know I can't stop talking about things once I start off.

Yesterday there was this seminar in our college about "Etiquette". Ironically ( as it was Swatantrata Diwas)

, the guy worked in British High Commission, and came wearing a cravat, coat and all those prim and propah British formals. :-P He was teaching us about how to dine and use the fork and knife and all those high class cutlery stuff, which I clearly was not interested in. I might as well dig my left hand ( oh it is known as the dirty left hand in India because most of us think all of us are right handers in India and use the left hand to you know, work with the shit) and eat the food and go on.

Well this guy went on about random stuff like single and double bag thing, and sadly he had me in the audience and I kept on negating the things he quoted. One of them struck a raw nerve in me and I was this *shows an infinitesimal amount* close to stand and correct him; he said that single bag thinking is when a cab driver says he is "just a cab driver" or a sweeper says he is a sweeper, while double bag thinking is when the man can say I provide transportation or I enhance cleanliness of the office respectively.  I stopped him and I said isn't that unrealistic optimism and what is wrong in being a sweeper or a cab driver. Why does he/she need to relate oneself to a bigger production process to feel good about himself/herself? There is dignity of labour for a janitor and a managing director, and one does not need to use euphemisms to feel better about their occupational positions. What crap.

Well, this thing took 3 hours of my precious lifetime, where I could have washed clothes ( yes yes), slept and pondered over how good looking Zeus was because he was the father of many Gods and seemed a wee bit promiscuous to me. But hey, Greek Gods are pictured as humane and having all human like qualities so yea, his position is justified. 

Well Facebook looks awkward on Independence Day because some people become patriotic, some people become cynical of patriotism and some just change their profile pictures into a tiranga to show their love. Nothing wrong there-but to the cynics who say "why one day of patriotism when you can do something for your country/think about your country everyday"- I want to ask a question- Seriously? Do YOU do that? Do YOU think of your country's goodness or crib about its dismal position everyday? Does your heart wrench every minute because of the poverty prevailing in our country? No we don't. Come on who are we fooling? And even on that one day when atleast we are forced to think about our country, there are people who want to us to be patriotic everyday. Which is certainly a good thought, but I am being honest- it is unrealistic to a person like me- I don't think of my country everyday, while I know whatever I do is contributing to its good. I don't do things to contribute to the country, and certainly I haven't reached a point where I could pass on opinions about what is bad or good for our country. When I will, I might not underestimate my opinions by posting a facebook status.

Well, College life has been tiring and I want to kill the bollywood directors who show College life is about love, crushes, night outs and clubs and parties and hot guys. It is not. It is about contributing to 10 societies, working your butts off for yourself, reading huge novels and analyse them, reading 10 different background readings, and THEN enjoying with and finding time for friends. Well, it is not the Karan Johar Utopia but it is definitely the sweat dropped.

(Aside: More like sweat collected in a big tank)

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