Friday, October 11, 2013


I don't really write emotional stuff. A person who lacks base emotions, how will she? :P But then yeah, sometimes when I see people around me, and when sometimes I feel yeah, this could happen to anyone, I tend to feel connected and write when I get a whim of penning the feeling down. Most of my readers think I write about MY life, well they can be right, but I seriously request you not to read my writings as a reflection of my own life. I WILL get super cautious of what I write and THAT is what you do not want me to be.

Here it goes-

You were like a breeze on a sunny noon,
I could feel, enjoy, and breathe in it,
Even though knowing that
 You will go away soon.

You were like a seasonal blossom,
Whose presence I could cherish,
For a limited time-
Loved your beauty,
Knowing you are not mine.

You were like the gold ornament,
In a group of imitations
I could just look at you for hours.
Admire you,
While you already made
Someone yours.

You were like the note on
The path,
A strong wind comes,
I keep reaching for it,
The wind makes it go away,
After a lot of toil and time,
I finally get hold of it.
Look here, then there
I have to give it back to its owner,
As, it never was meant to be mine.

The owner comes and with a pleasing smile,
Thanks me for returning what was always hers,
Talks to me, unknown of my desires,
Makes friends with me,
I feel like a terrible liar.

You come along with her,
With that pleasing smile of yours,
Unknown of my thoughts,
I put up a smile,
Feign happiness for you,
Entangling myself,
In my own knots.

You talk to me,
Being in your normal self,
Laughing, talking a lot.
You tell me to do something,
And I do it, without any second thought.
You just find it so easy,
To turn your back and go with her.

It isn't your mistake,
You were always hers,
Since so many years,
You both are one soul, one mind.
And I just came in between
With my broken conscience.

Whenever I talk to you,
I feel,
Why should I think of you,
When there might be someone, who thinks about me.
Is there?

Whenever you don’t do
What I want you to,
I feel-
Why should I like you?
When you consider me a sheep in the flock.
You do, don’t you?              

Why should I love,
When I know,
I should never expect you to love me.

Irony, you will never know all this,
And my feelings will remain hidden,

And rotted amidst.


Neo Prady said...

Beautiful... One sided love and longingness is a drug in itself. Love to love someone secretly no matter how much ever pain it gives.

Prerna said...

Thanks Neo. :) And you are right ;)

Looking forward to reading your posts. Cheers mate! :)

Anonymous said...

Woah Prerna! :O
As hard as it is to believe that YOU wrote a poem on love, that was a really good one! :D

*pats on the back*

Ludhiya Johnson said...

Awesome...!!! Loved it..... <3 <3

Team BlogAdda said...

This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

Rucha Agrawal said...

well written !