Friday, November 1, 2013

Your Life, is not My Life- and vice versa.

Few of my friends and myself, in a class where there was no teacher and we were left free, were sitting together and laughing by clicking each other’s photo with awkward expressions, or taking photos of someone yawning, or someone sleeping in class. 

One of my classmates, clearly not involved in “All this”, said- “What is this all about?”

I said, rather asked “What do you mean?”

“What do you gain from all this?”
“We are not doing it for gaining something. It is fun, and you should have fun.”
“This is not fun.”
“Then you are living your life rather blandly.”
“No. I am living a life which has more meaning.”
I did not choose to respond, because it made me think. Do we really need to do things in life, thinking we will gain something out of it? Or not having fun through silly things --- does it mean a person is missing out on a lot?
I think it is neither. Life is not about making or finding meaning, it is about LIVING each day as you have lived it never before. Sounds too philosophical, but actually it is a logical thing to do. What is life anyway? It is a cumulative effect of each day passing by. And each day, contributes to what our life is as a whole.
And if someone does not do silly stuff, crack jokes, indulges in slapstick humour, doesn't mean he/she is not living their life, or he/she is living his/her life blandly. For them, our life is pretty mundane- we have nothing but silly stuff to humour us, while they have ‘better things to do’.  They have their own way of passing their life, the moments which mean something else to us, shall mean something else to them, and neither of us should judge each other.

But it is easy to say. When I have fun, and someone questions the necessity of it, I quickly jump into justifying myself- it is my life, this is my idea of fun, who are you to question it? 

Is it really necessary to be serious, rule-abiding, conforming to norms to lead a “perfect life”? Is there something called a perfect life? For me, it is a blatant oxymoron. Imperfections make life.  Indulging in fun, once in a while, harmless fun, is not wrong. Watching a so called ‘brainless’ comedy is not an insult to your intelligence, but sometimes it is good to not find meaning, sense etc behind everything.
So what I want to say is, being brainless, or being totally bogus for having fun is not wasting time. It is a waste of time when it is ALL you do throughout your days in life. But your brain needs rest too, and no one has the right to question the idea of fun of others.

What you find mundane, might be the most interesting thing for me. What I find boring, is something you can leave everything for. Respect each other’s idea of living life their own way, and indulge in senselessness too. No one said life ought to be seriously led; moreover- no one has the right to say, how your life is to be led. 

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