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There is an option of 'other' in the sex option in Gmail. Haw :P :O

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I did not want to write any blog post on the SC verdict on Section 377. But then this guy called RamDev Baba has forced me.

First of all, the Section consists the word 'voluntary'.

Tell  me, why is there a rule on a voluntary sexual act and not a proper one on rape? -_-

It is here where our country falls short of, well, intelligence.

Then coming to my sole reason of writing this post.


His statements:-

1. "I invite the gay community to my yoga ashram and I guarantee to cure them of homosexuality," 

My answer: First of all, this is a way of advertising that his yoga ashram is still in business. Two words- NOT INTERESTED!
Second, since when did he become a hakim or jadibooti wala?
 Third, since when did homosexuality become a disease?
 Fourth, he is a religious and spiritual man, how come suddenly he has decided to undo a natural gift of god? Did I say gift? Did I commit blasphemy? Yes I did. Because your sexuality is neither a boon or bane, but a  natural endowment which should not be questioned by any one. NOT even by the so called  existent God.

2. He said that homosexuality is bad addiction. I know through Kesha that love is a drug. Since when the choice of my love's sex become substance abuse? 

3."Homosexuality is not genetic. If our parents were homosexuals, then we would not have been born. So it's unnatural." Is he even listening to himself? If our parents were homosexuals? Wait, so you mean to say two people fall in love just to bear children? Second, if a relationship does not bear children, the relationship is deemed to be unnatural? So wait, you mean to say two heterosexuals who are impotent, are leading a life of unnatural entanglements? So by this token, a relationship between two heterosexuals can also be unnatural? Then we should ban any kind of sexual relationship!
It is good that Ramdev Baba did not go beyond this. But the SC verdict said such acts are illegal, immoral and against the ethos of Indian culture.
They should REALLY check their facts again.  First of all, how come who I am making out with becomes a question of legality and illegality? Second, how come rape is thought about a 100 times to be taken a decision on and a natural, widely accepted notion is thwarted by calling it immoral? Against the ethos of Indian culture? Pig's arse!! Vishnu and Shiva had a kid for god's sake. And those who will tell they bore this kid when one of them was in woman's form, then I will call my gods immoral, who believed in seduction and sex other than those acts out of marriage. But then I will be killed if I say so, won't I?
Some people should really keep their opinions to themselves, because their comments do not make sense at all and they make a fool out of themselves. 
And though many of us protest against this, we still make gay jokes, we feel a little awkward when we see a guy kissing a guy or a girl kissing a girl. We brood over how come they have sex , we make fun of two close friends of same sex by saying "oye gay ho kya?" In some way or other we all have conservative thoughts. America too took time to make a rule out of this natural biological given, and thank god it wasn't stupid. Gay jokes there, are funny and not derogatory, the show Modern family is an example of that. Even if it is derogatory, it does not erupt any fights or public displeasure. It is taken positively and sometimes the community accepts the stereotypical notions attached to them, and is proud of them. The problem in India is, people claim to be proud of their sexuality, but in a way due to the awareness of the constraints of the society, only few come up and voice their opinions. 
We should first improve on our own mentality, and then think that the decision was made by couple of Indians themselves. And then there are Indians who support them. There are Indians who go against them. Think of what should be uprooted in the society. The decision is bogus, no doubt. But even before the decision, how many of us really thought of this matter before? I think that this decision has made us think of the plight of homosexuals in India, and something will be done for them,at least now. So I would like to thank SC, for making such an idiotic decision, so as to atleast make us think of the much neglected counterparts of our society. 
I still have friends who laugh at the fact that while making an email-id there is an option of "Other" other than male and female. And these friends made enormous facebook statuses thwarting the SC decision. Why, not come out of your own self contradictory notions, hm? How about that?

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