Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Life is about small things, they say. But what do you do when every small thing is big for you, and everything matters?

Having a huge ego has posed for me a great problem- I read between the lines of the simplest of things, and then I irritate the person to such an extent, I lose all the connections or whatever I had with him/her. When I say something which I had not expected myself to say, I feel I have gone below dignity. Turns out, if I make some friend of mine read what I wrote to someone, he/she finds it normal and not corny. What is it that gives me a huge ego, is a great mystery.

There is yet another issue with me. If I have done something great in life, I cling onto that and think that I will continue doing great in that. And if I fail once, I feel like every domino has fallen and I have nothing left. It is also because people call you something great and when you do not do one of the many things right in that domain, you feel like a failure. Wait, it is supposed to be 'I' and not you in that whole sentence. Gah, now I am projecting my own feelings on others.

I think all these thoughts go through your mind when either you are too busy to think nothing but this, or when you are too jobless. I am somewhere in between, and the void is really irritating, I say. And then I victimise my blog and my readers to go through all this :P

I found this really cute poem, the poet has tried hard to get the rhyme right, but it says a lot:

Have you ever fought an ego?
It's a pretty tough thing to beat
It has no face, no head, no heart
It has no hands or feet

You cannot see it with your eyes
No matter how long you stare
And though you cannot touch it
It will let you know it's there

An ego will fight dirty
An ego does not care
It will kick and stomp and bite you
But it's invisible, so beware!

An ego's really ugly
Although it has no face
It lives and breathes and haunts you
From it's own time and space

The only way to defeat it
Is to leave it's ugly home
And this, my friends, is what is made
Of flesh and blood and bone

Turn your back and walk away
Don't sing it's ugly song
It's going to take all of your might
Before it's really gone

The only way to kill it
(It's hard, but you must try)
Is to open your mouth, take a deep breath
And firmly say, "Good-bye!"

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/how-to-fight-an-ego#ixzz2v13M1HBm 

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