Monday, March 24, 2014

Killing yourself Softly.

I would like to keep it this way,
I would like you not to know.

Fear of a no,
Fear of a sorry,
Fear of pity drags me to
a corner of my heart,
which says
Let it be a mystery,
let it be hidden,
enjoy the small pangs,
and let life be.

What if?
That is the question.

What if it is a no.
That is the fear.

What if it is a yes.
That is an impossibility.

What if it is nothing?
That is an unfortunate,
distant possibility.

Things may go wrong,
Things might not be what you
want them to be,
but keep it hidden,
and cherish it.
Once it is out,
and it is the wrong time
wrong person,
wrong manner,
wrong , wrong,
and nothing but wrong.
You will regret,
what was not regrettable.
You will feel sad,
for what you should have been merry.
You will feel wronged,
when it was not that person's mistake.
You will feel used.
Used by your emotions.
You will feel pitied.
When you don't get the pedestal
you want.
You won't remain,
You will distance yourself,
from what you were,
what you wanted to be.
You will kill yourself,

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