Monday, March 10, 2014

Patriarchy works both ways.

They told me to stay at home
Work for the family,
Feed the children.
Told me to keep my emotions intact
And aggression behind,
Told me to be feeble and meek
And to be a subordinate.
They told me to leave my family behind
To make a new one,
Devote all my life to them,
And forget I have a life of my own.
They told me to cook food for my husband
Give him water when is throat went dry
If he demanded something and I could not get it
Get bashed
Get beaten
You’re the wife, they said.
Your duty is to serve him,
As he is the man.
You have no rights,
You are inferior.
As you are a woman.
They told me to stay out of home,
Work for feeding the family,
Go learn all the industry’s work,
Told me to keep my emotions behind,
And aggression intact.
Told me to be wise, brave and stern
They told me to force my wife into birthing a child.
They told me to work hard and not be sentimental,
Work hard until my throat was parched,
Ask my wife to serve me,
And if she does not,
They said-
Bash her up
Beat her up
You’re the husband, they said.
Your duty is to be the breadwinner,
Your right,
Is to make her feel inferior,
Make her feel like a woman.

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