Saturday, March 15, 2014

What if one day god makes us NOT think of ANYTHING?

CAUTION: This may boggle your brains.

That is really a good question. *pats herself*

I wrote this as a Facebook Status to get to know whether or not it is a question that makes people think. ( Paradox, woah. :O I surprise myself. ) Well in 2 minutes people came up with likes ( Blase) and opinions ( good ones.)

I thought that I would keep it as a Facebook status only, but then I deemed it as a more important question.

A girl said, 'we wouldn't know about that day. because no past to remember and no presence of mind to connect with '

Let me clarify here: I did not mean remembering, or making me forget something. Remembering and thinking are very different. I actually thought people will come up with this, telling that if God makes you not think of anything, that means he won't make you think of the day you are not thinking on.

What I mean is, a day when we just, just live and go with the flow. We do not think of the past, the future, or even the present. We just wake up, and do not think of which day is it...What is my time-table? What do I have in my roster? Who do I need to meet? I don't take my brush thinking whether or I need to buy a new one, or if it is new I don't want to think of the day I bought it. While brushing, I do not want to look at my face and think how bad or good I look, ( considering me it will be the former :P ), does my hair need a wash today, do I even need to take a bath ( sorry people, I think that. I am really sorry.)

See, in first ten minutes of the day you think SO MUCH. If you don't at least I do. And see, actually, everyone thinks this much. It is really natural, our brain constantly keeps working and connecting dots, or making dots and then connecting them. Why is that something which never existed in our thought process the day before exists today? Because we bloody keep thinking.

"God makes you think? Wow, that's a privilege. I have to manage it myself!"

That is a funny one there. I did not say God can stop us from thinking because he makes us think. Nope, 
thinking is entirely human agency cronies :P Exactly why, you need some ethereal being to stop you from thinking.

Then some friends of mine claim they do not think. Guess what, they think they don't. See, this is a freakin' vicious cycle of sorts.

So yes, what if one day I just don't think. I just don't think about not thinking also. What will that day be like?

I wake up, and find everything new.

Wait, did not I just think that "Wait, I am seeing these things for the first time. Wait,that means they are new."

Dayem,  I can't even think of how it will be like to not think about it!

When we say, "Gah, I don't think of all that."- This agency is provided by our knowing of the fact that there is something we need not think about. Knowing is also connected to thinking! 

Here too, aren't not we hoping for the best? Isn't hope a part of our thinking process? We think everything will be fine. 

I guess thinking makes us alive. It makes us human. What we can do is just thinking more about something and less about the other. Balancing is the way to go. Easy to say I know, but then what else can I end with? Ending at a negative note doesn't do good.  So yes, let us all try and balance all the shit that happens in our life and THINK that we will end up good, hale and hearty. 

Wait, we end up dying anyway. But still, is not life all about striving to make the most out of it? Hmm, there, there is something to think about.