Thursday, April 17, 2014


Took the plunge,
and I went for it.
Did not think about it,
and went for it.
Did what I had to,
Did what I didn't do before.
I liked the feeling.
There was a fulfillment.
I found myself gazing at the sky,
looking at its color,
and enjoying things,
which I had never noticed before.
It was a beautiful dream I lived.


It broke,
it got shattered,
and it dissipated into
Fragments that could not be attached.
If attached,
they would form a pastiche
which looks demented
and incomplete.

Because what was inherently
when broken,
is doubly incomplete.

It told me again and again,
I was broken already,
you enjoyed me with my scratches,
and when I broke,
you are agitated.

I had thought,
those scratches can be overlooked.
But then,
scratches turned into cracks,
and cracks led to fragmentation.

Now it is broken to such a point,
that when I tried to get back,
what it gave me was ambiguity,
and there was vacuum between the pieces.
They just could not fit.
They failed to meet.
They denied meeting.

Why should I try to fix
when it was broken in the first place?


Sammy Chanda said...

Good theme. Staccato rhythm which I personally like a lot.
A good one for sure!

Achyudanand Jha said...

Excellent Prerna G.

Reema D'souza said...

A nice one!

Team BlogAdda said...

This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot!

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot AC :)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot Reema...!

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks BlogAdda!

Soumya Mukherjee said...

Well-stitched post ! :)

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thanks a lot Soumya :)