Monday, April 7, 2014

This guy rocks.

One fine day I suddenly find my friend laughing his guts out, and he laughs so much he just lies on the mess-corridor of our college. I am intrigued, obviously.

I go and try to find out what is making him laugh. Then I take his mobile and see that he is watching this:

There are so many pretentious review videos made about Gunda and the like, but this one just made me laugh the most.

1. The way the guy says 'Changed my life forever'- this itself makes you laugh the hell out of your guts.

2. The tag lines! Oh god!

3. The labels below ( This Guy...Went to IIT)

4. Classic editing- you get what you should and at the most appropriate time)

5. "Against gangsters, systems....and logic" Hahahahhaha. xD

6. "Banana Enthusiast."- Oh God.

and it goes on and on and on.

And what is the best thing? You do not stop here, and go on to see who uploaded this "crazy shit" and then look through ALL the videos. And all of them are plain, simple, awesome.

And if you are like me, you will find the person on Facebook and just give him a message. But then no one can be like me. I am too cool. :P

I am so happy that there are few Indians who are doing great quality video-blogging. :D And the guy who can point out the wrong usage of 'apparently', is in my Favorite list.

This one, is Awesome.

"Lesbian person, gay person, whatever you call them, they have the right to be a straight person."


'What do you think of Section 377?"

"I am new to this city, so I do not have much idea."

"I enjoy so much with Homosex."

"Kerala is too much."

"Over friendship."

Ayyo rama. Krishna. Kadavule ( Oh God! )

Kanan Gill, I don't know how you deal with such shit with a straight face.  How, How How do you keep that straight face??????

Watch Kanan Gill's videos here:

I am not advertising, I am just a new fan. *fangirl dance*

And he blogs too. :D

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