Thursday, June 12, 2014


Amidst people saying "Kya bey chhi kya sala kya film hai bey thu", or "Abbey sala bheed-ich nahi hai bey kya dekhne aa gaye be", infants crying with INSENSITIVE parents who couldn't care less about the timings of a show ( not insensitive to the audience, but the CHILD. Children usually sleep, you know, like,early? Don't they?????? THEY SHOULD, right?), I saw a film which will go unseen by many, because people are actually ignorant of perfection, thanks to the influence of imperfection all around.

Beautiful movie, amazing acting, this movie has no punch dialogues, because every dialogue is worth remembering.

I am not talking about Holiday. Go watch Filmistaan now. It has only 2,079 likes on Facebook, while Holiday has over 1 lakh. But, this movie taught me a lot of things. One of them is how to live life.

Not exaggerating. Nope. There are some dialogues which will remind you of the same old stuff and nonsense about partition, but here the movie gives a lot of stuff, and less of nonsense. 

I don't know what people want from films? Sunny Arora obviously, doesn't do well, because Sunny Leone rules the roost. Even in Filmistaan, the police officers want French And English Porno, and people revel in masala dialogues. This movie laughs at the movies which it shows through loving them, and it shows and revels in the type of movie it is not, it is a paradoxical kaleidoscope of amazing acting, and really powerful scenes.

Go watch this movie. Go. NOW!

PS- I still love Akshay Kumar. And all the other masala actors. Just like Sunny Arora ( protagonist). 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah its an amazing movie
loved it