Friday, June 13, 2014

Hope and Illusion

I have been told to wait,
for the right time,
when things are good,
when things are perfect.

I have been told to be patient,
for time to take its course,
for things to be understood,
from the other side.

I have been told to be persistent,
to persevere,
to do what I do best,
and let other things take care of themselves.

I have been told to give time,
to give time for things to take shape,
I have been told,
to let them be ready.

I have been told,
that things are not the way they
should be,
when they are,
you should go ahead.

I have been told,
maybe time will tell you,
it was not worth it afterall,
and you won't regret,
because you waited,
and not tried too hard.

But I have been told to wait,
and try,
so that if it was worth it,
it will be worth the wait.
And if it was not worth it,
at least, I could comfort myself,
by saying "I tried."

I have been told,
to understand things,
to get things straight,
to redeem myself
and get back to the natural course,
I have been told to clarify things,
straighten things like iron-press
and I have been told to
keep things at bay.

I have been told,
directly by people,
that it is not going to be worth it,
but then I have been told,
by a thing called hope,
that it is there,
and it will look after me.

But then I can't rely on this last thing,
this thing which told me that it is there,
as while it said it's there,
it wasn't.
It talked to me,
but I couldn't see it,
but it provided me solace,
but it irritated me
as I could not see it.

It was like God for the theists,
they believe without seeing
yet find solace by imagining
I imagined hope.

All the other things,
were told by real people,
so I think I should rely on that.
But I rely on something I can't see.
An abstract thing.

I was told that live in that bubble,
of hope,
of illusion,
it is thrilling.

I provide myself with illusion,
but then I was too late to realise,
illusion and hope are two different things.

I forgot,
I was acting like that sad theist
who forgot about God,
but believed in the misinterpreted religious knowledge .

I forgot hope,
and I sided with illusion.
Because it gave a better picture of life,
was in terms with what I wanted,
and as I was told to,
be in that bubble of illusion.

It wasn't thrilling, as I was told it would be,
But it,
It made me live like never before.

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Suman Kher said...

Hi! I came across your blog and bookmarked it a while ago. I finally got down to reading it today. You have a very conversational (yet not colloquial) tone of writing. It makes for very easy, matter-of-fact reading! Loved you explanation to the 'pads' post! :)

Are you on Twitter? So that I can keep up with your future posts...