Friday, July 25, 2014

A void to fill

They call me the in-between
or sometimes they don't call me even
refuse to recognise me
am I human enough for their glance I wonder
I wonder if they know I am one of them
I am the other
both figuratively and literally
I do not belong to straitjackets of definitions
I am not the defined
nor the one who defines
but I am the void which people fill with taboos and innuendoes
I am a cipher.

I am shown through colours,
I am shown through mannerisms,
I am shown through how I talk,
but still, I am not considered normal.
My way of talking,
becomes a joke.

Why can't you see,
You and I are the same,
your preferences
differ from mine,
like they differ from anyone else's.
Broaden your horizons,
let me in,
if not,
let me go.

LGBT rights in India are next to non existent and we need to understand the gravity of the situation at hand. The neglect faced by this community has been replaced by disgust for the community. Which is wrong and it shows how our country hasn't really developed yet.

There is nothing unnatural about being a lesbian, gay etc. The etcetera needs to be taken into account. We are humans and we are varied, and we need to appreciate rather than 'accept' this variety as acceptance has a tinge of compromise and pity attached to it.

Plato said we are searching for our other half, and centuries ago, the same philosopher had said that the combinations we search for is men-women, women-men, men-men, women-women. It is completely normal, natural and equally beautiful.

It is time to rethink. Please, if a guy holds his friend's hands and likes pink dont call him gay. Because first, gay should not be a derogatory word. Second, being  gay is not being stereotyped with certain mannerisms. Be rational,because it is the only we can save this nation.

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