Monday, September 15, 2014

Humanity before Nationality- Ask How to help, not Who.

Due to the Jammu and Kashmir flood- I have a few Kashmiri friends, who could not talk to their parents for a long time. Some of them still cannot. Their face had a glint of sadness, even though they carried on with their daily life with the same rigor. Some of them continued with their play practices, assignments, attending classes. I go to my friends' home and he makes me food. I say I got reminded of home. Another friend says I don't want to get reminded of home- it just saddens me, it reminds me of something sullen. Then they all continue to indulge in their daily lives. Are they being insensitive? No! The fact that they are able to carry on with their lives is a proof of how strong they are, and because they cannot go home, they do not even create a facade of trying to do something which they cannot. They do their bit, but know that they can't do a lot. But who can, they did. Some of them did their bit- organised relief drives, arranged for money for their families and others' families, went to public places for donations. They were joined by people who were not related to Jammu and Kashmir. They were related to something called beautiful humanity. This shows in a microcosmic manner what a country should be- you do your bit, you do not show more than your abilities, and you help because you are humane. I come back and I see Facebook Statuses shouting about Army obligations, army this army that, border this border that. I do not even want to go on those debates. It was a flood. In Jammu and Kashmir. A place which has been a space of lots of issues and contentions. A place with humans who are always under some threat. A place... Why? It was a flood. In a place. A place with humans. Why can't we just stop at this? Why not? My own discussion is futile. It is not helping the loss. But the insensitivity was too high, and I had to do this.

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Darshana Chheda said...

I believe that insensitivity needed to be pointed every time so that a change might come our way... Still no idea how we are to contribute