Saturday, September 20, 2014

Impervious to the Obvious.

Recently the Deepika Padukone issue created havoc.
What was the issue?
She has a cleavage.

Salman Khan's abs are fake?

Emma Watson delivers a great speech on gender equality.
Wait, let's release some nude pictures of hers.

Yeah, we are getting more ridiculous day by day.

Then I remembered those lists I see in famous websites, showing how a hollywood/bollywood actor was clicked at a certain moment where it looked like he was looking at his co-actress's boobs. It might have not been the case, but it is still sensationalized. If it was the case, well, it is not even a case in the first place. Why? Umm, isn't it natural? Okay, I might be saying something controversial here but let us face it, it DOES happen sometimes. I am NOT talking about voyeuristic male gaze here, but then, sometimes it is very natural for a boy or a girl to look at the opposite sex and admire. They look at us, and let's admit it, even girls look at guys. It isn't wrong. There are even words for it (see Krukolibidinous).

When it crosses a level, a level it should not cross, which is the level of violating the other person, then it becomes problematic. These pictures are just a matter of accidental timing of photography, when the man's face seems to be at such an angle that it is looking where it should not look at.

Second, we have sensationalized a woman's cleavage, and this same world has also sensationalized a man's boner. Yes. We also sensationalise men's erections which happen in public, accidentally or due to some obviously natural cause. "21 most awkward boners of Hollywood Actors".  Why? Isn't it OKAY? Just because they are doomed to be watched 24x7 by people like us, every action of theirs is recorded because their life is an entertainment factor, they are put on pedestal which should not exist in the first place- it just makes them look so distinct from the larger context of humanity that we say they WERE NOT SUPPOSED to have the erection in a public place. Who made their life public? We did. Do you see how highly in the wrong are we?

Third, there was a news when from an actor's pocket, a condom fell and it was made a matter of HUGE discussion. Wait, he is a guy, and has a condom. Good, he is having safe sex. Isn't that nice? No! He has a condom. He is having sex.  Who is he having sex with? Is it the woman in his previous movie? Or the next movie?

The problem is that we have deified actors- and made their life a commodity. Whatever they do, they show, is a matter of contention, debate,discussion, just like this one. A cleavage, is normal. A boner, is normal. Having a condom is normal. Smoking,  drinking by humans is normal, Going on a date, is normal. NOT going on a date, is normal. So if a 'celebrity' has or does all this, why does it become a headline on my newspaper?

It is a shame, that I had to write this. I can't believe we have reached the times of saying biological endowments are well, a part and parcel of human nature. We are being impervious to the most obvious things, and making a hullabaloo of something which does not even need a shout.


Harsh said...

Just loved the post. Brilliant thinking.

Harsh said...

Just loved the post. Brilliant thinking!

Harsh Kulshrestha said...

Just loved your post. You have a brilliant thinking. (y)