Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why did we believe?

A minister gets imprisoned in a graft case, she loses her position and becomes the first one to lose it in such an abominable case. Ministers were once thought to be the partakers of the country's destiny. They were our representatives. They were people who represented our thoughts and beliefs. Today when I look back at my country's recent past: I see nothing worth emulating. Some minister is in an assault case, some in a corruption case, some in an abuse case, some in a murder case. A friend of mine told me, well, they are humans. They are supposed to have flaws. They are supposed to commit mistakes. But then, mistakes at the expense of the country as a whole- that is not a human mistake, it is a major blunder. We are introduced to their hypocrisy in such cases- ministers who showed their sheer love and belief in the lower classes get caught for having disproportionate assets. All this just instills fear in me- If there are 2, 3 , 4 ministers like these, how many more are out there? Who are fooling us? And then, the most important question- did we fool ourselves by believing in them in the first place?

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ashish singh said...

The longer we r fooled , the longer we wil b ruled. In a country where we have lakhs rathers crores of victims of this fractured polity ,we have many to complain but none to lead. what has already happened can't b rewritten bt yes an active participation of d youth can work wonders