Monday, December 22, 2014

A letter from a person who is just like you.

Dear EVERYONE, : Believers, non believers, Anything in between

What have we come to? And why, have we come here? Everyday, there is some killing, there are children sacrificed, trains are bombed, hotels are bombed, people are murdered, fat-shaming, photoshopped beauty, films are objectifying humans, films are being banned. We have forgotten the seriousness, the solemnity behind life. We thwart all these notions as too philosophical and impractical, but maybe, just maybe, if you think like a person, a person with no status, no ascribed, no obtained identity, just, a person, with a heart, two lungs and a brain, maybe you will understand how futility has wrapped all of us.

A film gets released and it tells you good things, and one particular sect gets offended. Someone gets killed, another sect is blamed. One 'sect' is fighting against another 'sect'. We, have become a mob, we have lost the very capacity to think like individuals. Our individuality is lost forever. And no one snatched it from us. We did it all by ourselves.

Now thinking like individuals will lead to everyone thinking for themselves, thus will lead to anarchy as it will give rise to selfishness. But, if we think about ourselves as individuals, we will think of others as individuals with individual needs too. Why, is that we think of every individual, with needs that belongs to a group? THIS section of society , is like THIS, and it needs THIS, and it is against THIS which the other section of society wants. We, have given into social loafing, diffusion of responsibility, and have lost the capacity of understanding who we are as one single entity, and the fact that we think of others as someone belonging to some social marker, we are unconsciously describing ourselves in the negation of that, what we ARE NOT, and what they ARE, and how what we ARE is better than what THEY ARE. It actually is as bad as it sounds.

So am I saying let the "I' rule, and not the 'We?" Not really.

What if, we think of people's problems, in terms of their needs as individuals. This group of individuals, is a group not because it follows a particular religion, but  all of them do not get water to drink.

This group of individuals, is a group not because it is against idol worship, but it is a group of individuals which does not possess literacy.

So am I being an atheist? A non believer? A person who does not believe in God? Hell, no.

Sometimes when I like a guy and he likes me back, we don't jump into naming what we are- are we together? are we dating? are we marrying? DATING. MARRYING. All these are again, group values. If I say I am dating, I belong to the category of people 'in a relationship', if I marry, the court has sanctioned by sexual relationship, yes, and now I belong to the category of 'married people'. What if, what if we do not even think in terms of categories? I do not think of category, a face, a messenger, a book of mythologies, fables, religious values, proverbs. I find my love for God too high for all these things- I cannot let my love for God be based on certain principles I am not even sure My God made. I love my god, because I find my God in its non existence. I find my God, in its absent presence. I find my God always with me. I find the God sometimes inside me, sometimes carrying me. I believe in good work, people who do good work. I love what Buddha did, what Jesus did, what Prophet did, what all these 'religious heroes' did. But they all loved a God, and I love that God, that God which has names because our languages differ, not our beliefs. I learn from these heroes, not follow them, make a school out of them.

 It  has names not because its forms are different. The funny thing is, something like GOD , is an abstract concept. It is a manmade concept, but the only manmade concept which does not have form. OUR VERY ACT of trials and tribulations of trying to give it a form, and then making groups on the basis of whose form is better, is giving rise to problems.

And moreover, God is not a he or a she. It is an, IT!

I am against all those 'religious institutions', because if we truly love God, or believe in its presence, I don't want my love to be institutionalised. I don't want God, to become such a trivial creature. God is our friend, it does not determine our work, our life, our happiness, our sadness, our tragedies. If it did then we won't have tragedies, because God is someone who likes us, that is why made us. God, is not a manager, a construction artist, a handyman, a carpenter, a demolisher or someone from the maintenance department. God is a concept. We created the concept, and it is one of the most wonderful concept we ever created.

Why do we have different names, books, categories? Have we forgotten what ABSTRACT MEANS!

Now people will say I am against idol worship, thus against religions we which do idol worship and advocate of the one which does not. NO! I am against all those practices, the very act of 'practising' is unsettling for me. I believe, not practice it.

We created the concept to give us hope. Humans, thrive on hope. Hope, tackles fear. For tacking our fears, we created a concept, which will help us with life. So are humans, more powerful than God?

The fact is, the whole 'notion' of power, is useless when it comes to God. We created the concept of God, because all humans want to believe in something. The concept spells like this: GOD is someone who created this world, because if something exists it was made by someone, but we don't know who made it, but whoever did, did a darn good job. So we start believing in a superpower.

Some people, have no belief in this concept, some do. But, then we did a mistake, we tried to formalise this concept, and tried to give it shape. If not shape, we gave it names, we gave it rules, statutes, regulations, days, time periods, sacrifices, terms, technology We, categorised, again.

So what I want you guys to think? I am saying, why don't we just experiment with something, we love experimenting anyway! JUST ONE DAY, one day of your life, just think of yourself as a semi- abstract concept, someone with a definite form, but no definite entity.  You do not DIFFER, but relate.

You do not BELONG, you exist.
You are unique.
But when you think you are unique, you simultaneously identify others uniqueness.

When we start thinking like individuals with a purpose, the purpose being the purpose of existence, we will thrive on goodness. Sounds impractical? No, we are just not ready to practice this because we are too used to practising things together against people who have formed their own 'togethers'. But we are humans, and our very existence is entrenched in belonging- but our notions of belonging is wrong. WE, as existing beings, already belong. We belong to each other naturally, we do not need any institutions to tell us how. We belong by virtue of being living creatures on the same planet. When we understand this, we might have our earth reclaimed. We have lost it.

Let's reclaim. Let's, belong, as humans.

Well, exactly, yours.

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