Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poem for the Peshawar Incident

“How am I to live now, when everyone thinks I might be a murderer too?”

Article submitted by Prerna Geeta Manian

I have Muslim Friends. I love a man who is Muslim. But does it matter? Does it matter which god do they pray to? Does it matter which religion they subscribe to? It stopped mattering to me yesterday.

They killed people
They killed their own people
If they fought for their own killed loved ones

How is bloodshed for bloodshed right?
Does any religion
Sanction killing your own
Sanction killing offsprings
Sanctions ANY killing, which makes your own
Loved ones cry?

You wanted them to feel the pain
But do you think this act will stop
Them or you to stop your war?
This is just a beginning of a never ending rage

My friend’s brother is scared of going to school
I am in India
I am scared to go to college
What if when I grow up
I send my child to school
And she never comes back?

What you are doing
Is not FOR your religion
But against the very principles of it
Your own brothers throughout the world
Are against you in spirit
You killed children
Who followed your own religion
Where did your love for your religion go?

This means
It is not religion
It is not faith
It is not being a Muslim,
Which makes the sad difference
It is people who have taken to misinterpret it
To interpret it to suit their own needs
Basing one’s identity on wrong tenets of misinterpretation
Of religion, is wrong.

Yesterday, my Muslim friend,
Cried. Her heart pained. She said
“How am I to live now, when everyone thinks I might be a murderer too?”
Can you answer this question?

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