Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quintessence of Dust

They told me not to watch PK because it is against Hindus
They told me not to have Muslim friends because they are terrorists
They told me not to care about the Assam killings because it does not consider a great faction
They told me all these tribes and castes are not victims but perpetrators
They told me they suppress us through reservations
They told me Muslims kill each other so why won't they kill me
They told me Hindus are wrong too
They told me Hindus have suppressed people
They told me Hindus have created temples and worship idols,
After praying they kill too
Some Muslims offers namaz and kills
Some Hindus offer flowers to their gods and kill
They told me Christians are no good either
In fact, their country is America which causes world unrest
They told me if one does something blame his whole clan
They told me to rip the girl's dignity if the man of her lower class
They told me to rape is easy way to extract revenge
They told me feminism sucks
They told me feminism is against men
They made different definitions for feminism

They have told me so many things.
They have told me a lot many things.
They have made me listen

But none of it makes sense.

I will watch PK
I will have Muslim friends
I will worship if I want, I won't if I don't want to
I will not see people as Muslims

I will see them
as people
entities that
become dust
once they wither
Just like me.

I will see them
as Hamlet said
see them as,
quintessence of dust.

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