Saturday, January 10, 2015

My North Eastern Friend.

My North Eastern friends
don't look like me
they don't speak my language
they sometimes wear different clothes
they don't follow my food practices

they don't come from the place
I come from.

They aren't like me.

by that analogy.
we all are like our North Eastern friends.
You don't speak your own language sometimes.
You wear different types of clothes too.
You might be a vegetarian culturally,
but non vegetarian by choice.
And you might not live in the place
you were born in
or were not born in the place
you belong to.

What is the basis
of differentiation?
They look different?
I don't think so. You don't look like me, either.
They speak a different, really different language?
We all do. The whole world does.
Why, don't we celebrate the uniqueness,
why don't we even call it a uniqueness,
and label it as "differing factor".

My North Eastern friends
don't like only momo
don't eat only momo.
And even if they do
they aren't momo themselves.

My North eastern friends
have names,
just like you and I do.
Chinky might be your neighbour's kid's nickname,
not my north eastern friend.

My North Eastern friend
is my friend.
I am wrong to even call my friend
through his/her region.
My friend,
is a human.

Just like me.

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