Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Arey sun!

I am called the in between
Na ghar ka na ghat ka
Na idhar ka na udhar ka
Beech ka hoon mai,
Mujhe beech ka bulate ho.
I am called, the in between
Ladke ka haath pakadta hai,
And he wears pink
And he shaves
Chi, beech ka hai.
Arey ye to wo hai
Arey sun, ye us type ka hai.
Arey sun, arey iska na WO hai, na WO hai.
Arey sun, he is toh, you know, arey samajh na yaar.
I am called , um, what you call.
You don’t call.
You are ashamed.
Because I like a guy?
Being a guy?
Because I like a girl?
Being a girl?
Because I like both guys and girls?
At the same time?
He has not come out of the closet
How do they do ‘it?’
Do they even do ‘it’?
Yuck, chi, I don’t even want to imagine.
Because we are abnormal?
Aur nahi to kya,
Kitna gay banda hai ! Abnormal hee to hai!
Arey sun,
Inko dekh,
Inhe sharam aati hai.
Mujhe dekhkar
Inhe sharam aati,
Arey sun, dekh,
In becharon ko-
Inhe dekhke

Mujhe taras aati hai.


Anonymous said...

Supporting a gay person, is supporting sins and crimes of the most hideous kind. In India, a country of diversities, we respect culture, heritage and our God. And being gay is a preference, and hence it is perfectly retractable. People prefer to go against God when they prefer gay love. Being transgender is a problem too, your organs are fucked up. Yes, you can be who you are but does not mean that makes it right.

Prerna Subramanian said...
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Prerna Subramanian said...

Being gay is nothing abnormal. It is seen as abnormal, because it does not conform to a majority of population. If that is the logic, then I am abnormal- I am a bloody left-hander, a southpaw. My count in the world is less than the gay people in the world. I should be banished. Bring out those laws for Left handed people who clean their shit with the right hand. Come on now! Cure me of my sins because I use the jet or my hand or the mug with the right hand. Come on.
And guess what, many of those 'normal' people, are bi-curious- interested in both the sex. The matter is about 'preference', and not about normalcy. I have an enormous, bordering sexual crush on Nigella Lawson. (Bring out the guns now eh). Gender is a social construct. Created by humans. We are free to love any one. So supporting a gay person is supporting normalcy.
Being who I am, is natural. If I can have penetrative sex with it, or have kids with it, doesn't make it natural. It makes it conventional. And convention is again majority-mindednesss.
When you say God does not allow it, the religious texts you refer to, are unreliable. Because well, even they were written through whims and fancies of people who wanted to call what they wrote gospel, whatever suited their fancy. If you want to know about the discrepancies and misinterpretations, google it. Or I may provide you with links too.
A preference is retractable- yes that is right. But then that applies in heterosexuality too. You prefer someone but your family doesn't, will you retract it? I guess not. It will be force, not 'natural'- pun intended.
So when you say a gay person better retract his or her preferences because it can be done, so that it suits normal conventions of epic bullshit, you are just being a plain hypocrite.
Being transgender, organs are fucked up- First of all, transgender is not the same as intersex. If you really want to use vocabulary of LGBTQIA+ get your facts straight. Transgenders are people whose gender identity does not match with their sex. They might be men but want to do things a woman does. Some privileged people also get their organs changed for the same. Some don't. WHY isn't this easy to understand?
You can be who you are, but doesn't mean it is right- well friend you said it. You can be ignorant, but doesn't mean ignorance is right. Who decides what is right? It is high time we see the higher things in every matter. Here it is about preferring a companion. And that is an individual's choice. You love a man. Good. Doesn't mean I am supposed to, too.
You can be who you are, but doesn't mean it is my job to be the same too