Monday, March 16, 2015

Can't Sail On Two Boats.

My friend ( girl), made amazing points
about feminism
She was thorough with her theories
Had such alacrity in her voice
Made such strong remarks

She took the 'normal' compartment
in the metro
shouted at the guy
who was so tired
he had 'not seen'
where he had sat.
He had taken the seat
'reserved for women'
in the normal compartment.

She needed a pad
the same day
she could not say it
to my face
but she messaged
me instead.

She went for a date
and came back
Said that he did
not even pull the
chair for her
and did not
offer to pay.

'Chivalry is dead!'
she shouted.

Next day
she sat for a dharna
for equal pay.

Through this poem, I am showing some exceptional cases of hypocrisy in our country. Let's face it,  chauvinism is bad, and indeed horrendous, but our expectations of chivalry makes our protests null and void.  We need to fight for equality, yes, but let's first change our own opinions about our own sex. Decide what you want, do not take the middle path. This hypocrisy makes our really good arguments weak. Do not be superficial with your beliefs. Do not blame others. You are better than that.

I am not undermining the need of women. I am a feminist myself. But pseudo-feminism needs to go. We have to practice it ourselves. And practising it does not mean protesting, voicing out then and now, writing posts like these. But making little changes in our own lives. Mothers need to stop differentiating between son and daughter, stand against fathers who do so, voice out when they think they are being held in a suboordinate position. Yes, some women do not have the independence to do it, it is not easy. But open-mindedness, wherever possible, can be practised. One should make the other sex realise the female sex's importance. But before making them realise, realise it yourself.

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