Monday, March 2, 2015

In response to whoever says I am to blame

This, is a satire. The words, have a metaphorical meaning. They have to be understood to get the essence of the poem which might superficially seem too physically outright. The essential meaning I want to propagate is that people say clothes and partially showing 'those body parts you need to hide' leads to rape. and that this idea, is redundant and utterly idiotic. This idea, I counter it with another idea of going entirely naked, and even if that will be a freedom of expression, the society still will ostracize me and throw me away. A woman, does not have a choice. If I wear clothes, I am an aunty, If I don't wear proper clothes, I am a slut, asking for rape. I am asking: What will you call me, if I give up on clothes?

I have a vagina
and I cover it with an underpant
just like you have a dick
and you cover it too
we cover it because aesthetically
it is not pleasing to the eyes
if shown in public.
In addition to my vagina,
I have breasts to cover too.
If I had a choice, I would not wear a bra,
Or cover it,
but because even that is not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
I cover it.
But that is me,
I cover it, because I want to.
I don't want to show it,
but that does not mean, I cannot.
What if I want to,
I will.
You can go around bare chested
and if I want to,
I will.
Right now I am not,
does not mean, I can't.

So they say if I wear clothes,
which partially show my breasts,
partially shape out my ass,
and that makes men look at me,
and want to grab them,
They make it the sole and the prime reason.

If partially showing arouses you,
I will not cover it fully
rather, I will not keep it partial at all.
I will go naked,
I will go nude on the streets
will that arouse you too?

I bet it won't.
It will scare you
It will instill fear in you
you will call me shameless
you will throw names at me
but inside you will be wondering
how did I do it.

If I am out late at night
and my clothes make you want to rape me
I have found the solution:
I will give up on the clothes.

Because if glimpse leads to rape
A full show will lead to
me being ostracized as a
or as a madwoman.
But at least,
you won't rape me.

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