Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not everyone is allowed.

Those three seconds of your eyes
Looking at me intently,
Had let me in your soul for a while
I tried to read it as soon as possible
But my trials were rendered futile.
You were so beautifully complicated,
That detangling each thread, 
that you had so intricately woven,
felt wrong.
Those two seconds of that human touch
We all crave for,
Made me live an entire lifetime,
But when it was over and the distance grew,
I knew, the death bells of that ephemeral life
had to chime.
The wide grin of yours, which made your eyes small,
And formed creases on your temple,
Gave me the happiness, collected from pots
And boxes of all those last, chest-heaving sighs of children’s laughter
Collected in heaven.
It was so beautiful, yet so simple.
You did not say great things,
Or uttered intelligent words,
In fact some things you said,
Were rather absurd.
But I found them coming from a place
Which I wanted to visit, venture into and find
New things I did not know about.
But soon I found out,
That the people-like feelings
Which governed your place-like soul
Told me, that trespassers are not allowed,
I fought, I said, I am ready to pay the toll.
They fought me back and said,
It is not the toll, it is you,
Not everyone is allowed in such places.

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