Thursday, May 28, 2015

5 Quick Realisations India needs to Save Itself From Doomsday

5 Quick realisations India needs to save itself

1. Feminism is not only Women's rights

Feminism started off as women's rights because well, they did not have any. Women's rights means rights of equality- and not asking for matriarchy. We do not want any kind of domination. So yes, feminists do not hate men. Rather, they feel the same patriarchy hurts each one of us.

2. LGBTQ people are people.

India needs to realise that being gay is not an abnormality. It is normal to love the person of the same sex because it is normal to fall in love. And if it is not, then it is okay. You can be asexual too. Understand that we are all humans, and we have our choices which differ from others. And we need to respect those choices.

3. Banning is not the solution.

How come anything we can't adjust to, gets banned? Banning actually inreases the problem- something which was out there, happening out in the open, will now happen "illegally", somewhere in the corner without you knowing about it. Be it using paper cups in St.Stephen's College or watching porn in hostels. Or eating cows. Rather, we should devise alternatives. And where alternatives are not possible, banning should be justified on various parameters.

4. We should develop a sense of humor.

India does not have a sense of humor. It really needs to develop one. After this post I am going to be slammed by 1000 messages saying I am a cunt and a retard and a fat hole etc. We seriously, are too serious to be true. We cannot take a joke and if we make one, we cannot seem to bear with its consequences. We all need to develop a sense of humor and take life a little more lightly. 

5. Stop the blame game.

We are amazing at blaming someone else for the shit we do. Be it from breaking someone's ruler to breaking a rule of the constitution- we just love shifting blames to the next ghar ke paas wale uncle ke beti ka beta chintu. Where the hell did chintu come from? He is playing scrabble and you are here, blaming him for breaking your playstation. Or like, blaming the west for rapes that happen in our country. Also, blaming one is not the solution to generalisation. We need to understand why someone does something, rather than praising someone who doesn't rape, or doesn't kill. It is good they don't, but that is not the solution.

Start respecting the humanity in each individual, and maybe the problems will seem smaller. 

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