Sunday, June 21, 2015


I am a girl because I have a vagina. That's what they say.
But that's my sex they say.
But I lack a gender.
I lack a gender because I feel pressurised into growing my nails and putting paint on them and I feel that's just not me.
I lack a gender because I forget to put kohl everyday and I don't want to be less pretty if I don't.
I lack a gender because I love shows that show food and drinks and traveling and I just can't take shows that tell me that my freckles need to be perfected because they aren't ladylike.
I never knew my vagina came with so many warning signs.
warning sex means you lose a part of your vagina which is directly proportional to purity of your Sexuality. I broke my hymen by swimming in a swimming pool. My virginity was taken by a pool of seven feet of water and not a seven inch cock or a hungry vagina . these aren't my terms that's what you have taught me.
I lack a gender because I hate definitions. I lack gender because I hate ending conversations and playing hard to get.
I lack gender because my mind loves a woman but my vagina asks for a man but sometimes that is swapped too. I have dreams of dating Nicole Kidman and Matt Bomer. Matt Bomer is gay. By the way.
With so many complications, who will you marry they ask me.
I will marry
An individual who lacks a gender too.
Whose penis, or lack of a penis doesn't define who he or she or they or whatever is.
Because we all lack a gender.
We are free souls and no gender should bind us.
Free yourself from a gender.
Be yourself.


Barun K. Sakhajee said...

what do you want to say... you write bold because you want write with this way... but the message may be delivered thru other ways also.

Barun K. Sakhajee said...

worth a comment be communicative.. nothing should be one way...reply

Prerna Subramanian said...

Hello Sir. I don't think whatever I said was bold. It was just the truth. And my way of communication is just plain and straightforward. Thank you for reading my post and I appreciate your views. I will definitely try and put up different ways of communicating what I want. Here in this post I want to talk about gender roles and how men and women and LGBTQUIA+ are told to act or behave in a certain manner and how no one should ascribe to such behaviour because we are who we are without any gender roles attached. That's it. Thank you again.

Barun K. Sakhajee said...

no.. never change your attitude of writing.. it is good... but we the Indian have no adiction such as... primarily it does not digest.... but early it ll be... if u change... it may have damage... all the best... nevr mean to say that....