Wednesday, June 24, 2015

An Open letter Against the Mooh Kholna Ad of Cadbury

An open letter to Cadbury,
 I hate your ad (, straight up.  The 'mooh kholna' in a public place because a guy gets baffled as there is a boy who has long hair (maybe transgender, or just choosing to have long hair?) and whose mother actually looks like a father ( a man, you mean)- what exactly is your message? Are you saying that our world is developing really fast and you support the development and some people are just in for a suprise ( a happy surprise? ) or are you just being plain transphobic?

Is it a joke on the transgender people who choose to accept their identities in public, or is it a funny 'acceptance' of such people in public and you are choosing to shut the gawking faces with your product? What exactly was your intention?

Why should I eat your product? Because you chose to show a person who just cannot take the surprise of a man-like woman or a woman-like man or anything of that sort? Do you see the absurdity of all of it?

What is your point? Do you want more people to gawk at people who choose to be the way they are or shut our mouths with your chocolate because we should not gawk at them?

Maybe I am giving good, justified reasons to your utterly and blatant transphobic ad. Because only few of us understand what is the seriousness of this ad, maybe people who you cater to, which is whole of India, might not understand the wrongness of it and might take it in face value.

Which is dangerous. As a brand, you should never portray a very ambiguous opinion to such a burning topic and way of life.

I fail to understand, truly. And I really want you to answer your intention behind the advertisement for a better understanding of your message.

Thank you.
Yours truly,
A person who does not gawk at people's choices.


Barun K. Sakhajee said...

you rais good point..... keep it up

Prerna Subramanian said...

Thank you Sir.