Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bhains ke aagey been bajana!

An Open Letter To Aunty in the Movie Ticket Line:

To the aunty and her jeeja who told me to behave like a girl, just because I told the woman not to cross the line and come forward in a movie ticket line ( subtly telling them to act civil and you know, following a normal rule), to the woman who retorted by saying "Mai aapka ticket chheen rahi hoon kya?" ( Am I snatching your ticket?), to the woman who told me to mind my language when I told her to "Please be in line, aunty", because then she said "Bhains jaisi ladki mujhe aunty bula rahi hai!" ( A girl who looks like a buffalo is calling me an aunty):

I am sorry. I was just trying to make you understand that it is no waste of time to stand in line, and telling you to do so does not make me a bhains. Also, I don't look like a bhains, which is a very beautiful animal. I bet being a very authentic Chhattisgarhi, which I knew from your accent, aap bhains ka hee doodh peeti hongi. But yes, that is inconsequential.

What I told you was nothing out of the box, I told you to be in line. But you chose to talk about my body, and your "jeeja" told me to act like a girl, and you added to him and said she is showing hands and talking. I had to, because my father also told you to be in line and you suddenly started shouting in your topmost voice because you were trying to make a victim position out of being a woman in a public place and get odds against my father, who is well, of course, a man. Above that, he had a fractured hand so for your own safety, as the cast could hit you if you tried to squeeze in ( why do so much when you can simply stand behind me), he told you to be in line.

 To that I want to say that many women like you exist, who are making this society even more vulnerable to problems- you accept a victim position and try to use it against both men and women when sometimes yes, you are in the wrong for the most basic of things. You might as well have shouted "molestation" if only my father was there to shout at you and I was not there, because that would have made your case easy. Then your jeeja would have come and acted like a man to save you, just like he did here, to save you from me. Why don't you understand you are not a victim and you don't need a man to save you? Why do you accept a victim position and are an enemy to more women and men? Why do people like you do not let this society grow? Being a woman is not being a victim. Please, do not give the wrong message to the society by accepting and using this position which other women can do away and do better away with.

I just told you to buy your ticket after me. And you put the entire bogus mindset we still have in front of me. I loved the movie I watched afterwards, but you, you showed me an entire picture of this nation.

Ye to bhains ke aagey been bajana hogaya, is what came in my mind.

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