Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Process That Has Come Alive.

Sometimes I wish the world slowed down its pace. It just gets too fast and too insane to tackle and one starts to lose control and hold over what goes around them. We just become machines, cogs in wheels trying to work it out the way we are mechanically systemized to do it. Time and tide wait for none, but nowadays they don't even come at a normal speed. Time goes away before you even realise it came and affected a change in your life. It is both beautiful and disconcerting at the same time. Life looks like a pack of dominoes, sadly.

Now that I have started on a very bleak note, I cannot change my tone can I? The bleakness ensued because of what is going on in life right now. College is ending so fast, it is unimaginable. I still feel I came to the college last day, met the principal with my parents and entered the room waiting for my roommate to come the next day. I still feel that those days were just yesterday. But the reality is that two and a half years have passed and now people around me respect the lot I am in, the "third years", the way we are seen by our " juniors" and are talked to is so different that it beats me. Until yesterday I was the one talking like that, today I am on the receiving end.

It struck me hard when I directed a play with a first year and a third year, and to me, more than the play it was the first year whose talent was a revelation. I got reminded of my first few days in college where I just wanted to try out everything and try and get my hold in the college somewhere, but at the same time wanted to be a stranger, because fame came with its responsibilities and issues. I saw this person with my own past in mind, and I felt a certain kind of responsibility towards him. Even though he had already acted in a play in college, this was the time I could break the mould and surprise him with what he could do. With really supportive people around me, he was brilliant enough to even get acknowledged for his work. The feelings that came to me were inexplicable.

The feelings came with an added sense of seniority and nostalgia: I felt I have got just six more months in college, I need to make the most of it. When I saw him as successful, I saw my college life's last chapter being written. Even my being was a contribution of so many seniors who affected changes in me, but this time I could actually feel how it felt.

Being older to someone and polishing their skills isn't the point here. The point is how amazing the feeling is when you get to see a process come alive in one person, how one person can be an amalgam of your thoughts process,work, time and effort. It is a beautiful feeling, and it makes the epoch even more meaningful. :)

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