Saturday, May 28, 2016


Yes, yes
we will part
and we will
make do, make do
for the void, the void
that we have brought upon,
upon ourselves.
There will be, will be
a lot of pain, a lot of
pain between us but we will,
we will make do, make do
for what won't be there anymore.

Today, today,
let me see each part of your soul,
Can I? Can I ever see the crevices
and the way you have filled them up
up with a bit of happiness you
have gained from here and there.
Here and there, everywhere is where
I search for fragments of memories
which unite us.

I try, try
try again, again
to feel the same as I felt
when I touched your cheeks,
cheeks swelling with sadness,
eyes filled with salty tears,
drowning away the suppressed smile
which comes out now and then,
now and then in between those
hiccups of emotions you
feel and choke on, all the same
just  as we parted, parted
in that parking lot.

The parking lot,
is a lot to take in
today, it was never the same
as I parted with you,
I still feel the touch of your hands on my neck
when you hugged me, and I still
can hear the sobs that turned into
tears on my shoulders.
I still see those distant eyes
that looked at us with amazement,
Why cry when you will be meeting through
virtual barriers but that is what they
are, barriers and not agents.
Though they make me feel you are there
they tell me you are not,
you are an illusion and that should suffice,
suffice, suffer, suffice, suffer,
I close my eyes and I suffer
and even that doesn't suffice.

So you and I have parted
but just like a poet said ages ago
that we will meet in our parting
and I feel when I left your hands
I met a different person in you
I have known a different you
since I have parted
and I am happy, happy
so happy that I have a memory
a memory, to live by
I write this, this
this verse which repeats
repeats itself, as this, this
is my rigorous need,
my utter agony at keeping
my memory alive.
Alive, alive.
You will always be alive
within me.
Please be.

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