Friday, June 17, 2016

Strange Familiarity

Strange is
 the strangeness
 one feels
 with familiar
Familiar is the stranger
 more than what or who was
  known to be known.
That closeness you
feel with the man on
the street, he smokes
you don't, but he smiles
at you when you and he
see the same thing at the
same time, and all you see
is the familiarity-
the oneness you feel
with the woman who
irons your clothes
and while she does it
she cries and tells her story
of how she makes clothes look
smooth; not her life, no.
The closeness you feel
with the woman who welcomes
you in a strange land
gives you a cup of tea
and tells you how she came to be
you feel close to her, she
who lives in a distant land
where you just happened to be.
The love you get from strangers
is what makes you fill the tumblers
settle them with each drop of love
you have got from people who just only
passed you by
but never left you.
When you ring each tumbler,
it is as sweet or sweeter than the glass
harmonica you heard in a street years ago
the man playing music for getting by
he smiled as he made the most minimal amount
but he lived more than he could make out
for a living.
He lived, we live, we will
survive our life
through lives we never meet
but we will meet in our dreams
in our milliseconds of sighing in a
stop of a train where
you halt, you feel the thud of life
you do not hear the various sighs
but you know there was someone
who felt the way you did,
you look at them, and all you
do is smile.
A newspaper might part their
face with yours
but soon distances part you
from what was yours
from what should be yours
what could be yours
what might have been yours.
All you could do,
is see that their distance
is what makes them yours
all everyone will have
is their familiarity,
but you only, only
you were lucky
to get their intimate farness
their close distance.

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