Monday, June 6, 2016


Tell me your
stories and we will
weave a tale together,
we need not have the time
to see into each others' eyes
maybe it isn't the time to
let our eyes see each other

Tell me your
your yearnings and
every second you feel
like taking the deepest sigh
we need not have the time
to take each others' breath away
maybe it isn't the time to catch
each others' breath.

Maybe today you
will have a lot to tell
my mornings start with
words typed out of your
but soon world has its ways
that those hands won't be
my eyes won't be reading.
But should that stop us from telling?

Telling cannot cease
it is like the tip of the iceberg
the stories are buried under the sea,
No matter when you stop telling,
whatever you are telling will remain,
so let's let it be.

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