Monday, September 19, 2016

In the City, I am.

I never thought I would say this but sometimes, or most of the time, I miss living in the city, in the middle of a bustling city with many untold stories and chaotic mysteries.


In the city, when I walk,
I would like to talk to people without having to
 think what they would think of me , my size,
my eyes, will they see through me and catch my lies.
But I would walk nevertheless, would talk nevertheless
as it is the city, here, I could have thousands of people
not caring, thousands of people who might as well
be the ones who change your life.
All that matters, is that they were there.

 In the city, when I walk, I would like to be at peace with myself
amongst chaos that descends, but I would want chaos around me
 to find the calm within me. In the city, when I cross the road,
I would want that skip of the heart beat when I almost came near
 a car, but I would also want to be saved, thank goodness,
I am here, alive, cross road, take a breath and in that moment,
 I would like to smile.

In the city when I see markets, people laughing, shouting
 bargaining, buying, selling, I would like to tune out a music out of their voices,
 sometimes it irritates, but sometimes it resonates the flood in your heart.
In the city, when I see, I would want to see the skyscrapers but also the sky,
 would want to see cars but also the lanes, kids in parks,
old men laughing at their old stories and department stores having a flea sale.
People trying to buy things first to make someone happy, that someone maybe themselves
but it would cause happiness nevertheless.
In the city, I want people to do things that they do everyday and I want to see
it and enjoy the uniqueness of the mundane.

In the city I would want to sit in the tram
the train, observe the many stories
I can etch in my heart, by sketching
them through what they tell me
they tell it through their eyes,
In the city, I have many stories dying
to be told. I would want to hear that
silent loudness.

 In the city, I would want to live amongst so many
striving to make a living, I would want to survive when everyone
has their strategies at place, I would want to think when thoughts
are enough to get you to pass time,
I would want to know when there's so much to grasp.
In the city, I thrive. In the city, I am.

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