Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Whole of Yours

Something I wrote for a dear friend, something everyone needs to know when they venture out to give a part of themselves to someone else!

World is yours to be
Today, tomorrow, ever since
You came to be. You
Cry, sigh, your disappointments
Multiply. By-lines.
By-lines to many a prose
Many a poetry is written
Post you were smitten
But soon, realisations strike,
Expectations hike and you understand
That those By-lines were meant for
Poems, stories, revolutions
Histories made by you,
For you, Towards you and unto you
Not for someone who came to be,
With a promise of an eternity
But seemed to turn away
The minute you turned towards,
Seemed to be different
When you craved for similarity
Seemed to be someone
When you craved to be one and the same
Seemed to be not yours
When you craved to have an us.
See, I know it feels
Hollow and it is hard to swallow
And easy to wallow in miseries,
Cry over tv-shows, distract yourself
With those movies which talk of
Distant lands, distant people, distant worlds
There is nothing to lose
But those blues, they let loose and
You end up feeling the loss evermore. Furthermore,
Those thoughts that
Prick your heart, and you pick your brain,
Whom will I trust
Whom will I love           
Why should I trust, Why should I love
Anymore, if endings
Endings have to be
The end and not a beginning,
Or even an intermission, for more to come.
If something needs to end,
Why should it even start?
Why do I love, Why do I trust
Anyone anymore, someone filled and
Took away my coffers, I am broke, broken
My bricks are not of mortar but my house
Is made of mud; loving will be calling
An ocean to take me away.
But metaphors could be changed
Similes could be altered
Today’s mud could be tomorrow’s steel
And let this thought heal, and I make an appeal
That this is not the end, endings are not ends
But lessons for pages you turn
Everyday, you add to your chapters.
And no one else gets to write,
Write you
Your stories
Your limits
Your endings,
You can love again
Trust again, take your time
But next time, keep it in mind
When you love,
Trust someone, someone
Feels like the world to you again,
Remember, you only
give a part of yourself
The whole of you
Is only yours to be.

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