Monday, April 17, 2017

From the Archives: Godot would not make you Wait.

Modern European Drama class was a little morose one day
When we started the end of Waiting for Godot
Some of us had hated the play, some of loved it too much
Some of us loved it to an extent of distancing it from our lives
Some of us made it our lives, our lives became it, it became a
Model to our life, our life reflected in that play, we asked so many
Questions as to who is Godot
Why are we waiting?
What is waiting.
My professor replied: Godot could be God, Godot could be anything that makes
You wait.
Anything that makes you wait: that caused a domino effect in our minds
And we thought of all the things that could make us wait
But a friend was not one of them.
Friends do not make you wait, they put an end to all waiting
They support you while waiting, They wait with you
They wait besides you, they wait for the things you want but
They should not, would not, may not, hopefully never
Make you wait.
I asked my professor: Can love make you wait?
And the professor replied: Love is in the waiting.
But when a friend makes you wait, they make you suffer.
A friend knows waiting is the cause of all troubles in the world
A friend knows waiting is when you are most vulnerable
A friend knows the silence in waiting is what might be your end
A friend, even in anger, pain, when distraught, does not make you wait.
A friend does not plot, a friend does not plan, a friend does not think
Of getting back with a bang. A friend confronts, shouts, slaps the truth right across your
Face but a friend won’t hold your left ear with the right hand.
A friend may not be someone who likes confrontations
A friend may not be someone who is always direct,
But a friend still won’t make you wait.
A friend will not make you suffer in the hollowness of empty words
 A friend will not cast words which could trigger the starkness of vivid memories
A friend will not wait and watch you burn
A friend will not tolerate lies, a friend will not make you a toleration
A friend will not count all the cards and then throw them over you all at once
A friend will not draw patterns to show how they have charted you out
A friend, will never make you wait.
And if they do, it is time you say goodbye to Godot. Godot
Loses its importance when Godot hasn’t told you enough
About the waiting, because it knows telling you enough
Won’t make the waiting as difficult
Godot loses its sheen when it wants you to wait because
Godot knows you will;
Godot becomes less of Godot when it wants you to ask after it
Run behind it, chasing it, because Godot would not
Have made you chase if it were Godot enough.
Because Godot wants you to be buried in its shadow
No matter how many shadows of how many sorrows
Have been cast upon you.
Godot becomes not worthy of the wait
Because all Godot wanted was you to wait,
And you are more than the time wasted on waiting.
Towards the end of the play, most of us thought:
Maybe all Vladimir needed, was an Estragon.

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