The Crapexicon

New words can be added if used in posts. :) But these are the main words!!

Blaag- Blog

Vella and Vetti- Jobless in hindi and tamil respectively

Bade smart ho yar tum to- Very smart of you! Wow!

Puja-  Devotion or some religious shit.

dadajis- the old people who run India ( ministers)

Korba- A  place which gave me life, and 16 yrs of fun. My birthplace, and the best place.

Abhishtoo- Dont do it, god will curse you in Tamil

Katta- SOmething very irritating!!!!

Dhatt teri ki!- Indian sentence for  getting irritated after redundant trial, and failing.

Chennai- A place in Tamil Nadu ( capital it seems). The place where I presently live.

Chettinad Vidyashram(CV)- The school which made my life hell for 8 months. After that I became one of the idiots here.

Delhi Public School- My previous school, and the most controversial school ever- and the place where actually education is imparted, unlike CV.

BBNHP- Bilkul bhi Nahi ho payega- That means there is no possibility of something happening.

MTC- Bus service in Chennai

Humanities- My section in school

Deepika Mahesh- An idiot, who makes my life possible in CV.

Ankita- Another idiot, who is the female version of a playboy. (playa..?!)

Natakbaazi/ nautanki- Indian favorite word for idiocy.

Hoshiyari- It is actually pronounced as "hosiyaari" in most of the Indian rural areas. It actually means doing something to show off.( Actually it means intelligence, but in sarcasm it means showing off intellect.)

Shaadi- Marriage, the most important thing in India, more than terrorist attacks.

Kutta- Dog, and a slang used when someone is verrrrry angry.

AP- Secret guy in school. Utopian, handsome, tharki.

Tharki- FLIRT. Period.

Punjabi- A person from Punjab, India.

Tamilian- A person from Tamil Nadu, India.

Amma, Mother- Mother! No other definition.

Wokay- Okay

Inna????- South indian style of asking "What" in a very angry manner

Khoob bhalo- Said in both sweet and sarcastic style, it means "very good" in Bengali.

HKLB- A very bad slang invented by my friends in Korba.